B&F Machine Co., Inc.

Markets Served

B&F Machine began as a supplier for New Britain Machine, a manufacturer of injection molding machines. That work led to opportunities supplying molding systems that made plastic grinding machines.

Through our founder’s innovation and willingness to take on work no one else would, B&F Machine acquired Pratt & Whitney as a client and added General Electric shortly thereafter. GE reached out to B&F Machine when they needed to develop outside sources for machining. B&F Machine was well positioned to step in as a trusted, reliable provider.

Aerospace and Defense

Currently, Aerospace and Defense makes up the largest percentage of our work. B&F delivers on more than 30 commercial airline engine platforms and delivers components and support equipment for five Military Aerospace engine platforms.

B&F also supplies the U.S. shipbuilding market with high precision machine parts.

Power Generation and Nuclear

B&F Machine’s flexibility and capacity has led to productive relationships with leaders in the power generation and nuclear industry. Over the years, B&F has delivered components for the compressor, combustion, and turbine sections of stationary and mobile power generation engines.

B&F holds multiple certifications for nuclear tooling manufacturing.


B&F Machine is excited to be a part of the advances and new developments in the Space Program.

Our complex, precision capabilities have positioned us perfectly to contribute to the next generation of technology designed for space exploration. We have delivered parts designed for the new space suit, propulsion, and computer housing for the space suit computer.